My Saturday morning green smoothie has…

My Saturday morning green smoothie has water, spinach, strawberries, and coconut cream fat bombs in it. Then I topped it with a tbs of heavy whipping cream. Yes, it tastes yummy.
On a side note: somehow my sleep pattern has changed in the last few days, where I have very little energy during the day then can’t sleep at night.
Insomnia has been an issue for me in the past, where sometimes I’ve even gone a full 72 hours without any sleep. πŸ‘€ This doesn’t happen often, and it’s usually related to having some project I’m excited to be working on, but now that I’m tracking my food more closely, I wonder if my carb intake is the culprit this time. For example, I reintroduced a protein powder in my smoothies that has a higher level of carbs in it than I’d like, plus I decided to have a banana in my smoothie recently.
For those that are reading this and are familiar with the ketogenic diet, bananas are a no-no because they’re so high in carbs. My struggle though is that I’m trying to address the leg cramping I’ve been getting since starting on the keto diet.
Which leads me to say this:
Since starting keto, I have lost weight and regained some; my feet no longer have itchy boils on them, and my eyesight has improved. But since reintroducing the higher carb protein powder and bananas, my sleep is off and, now that I think about it, my eyesight has become blurrier again. BUT, then again, on the other hand, the leg cramping is gone AND my digestion has improved.
What a mystery the body is.
Any thoughts?
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