Oh, I so much didn’t want to post this t …

Oh, I so much didn’t want to post this today because I feel so self conscious….but I decided to push past my fear and join the #facetofacefriday movement here on Instagram with the understanding I will be able to look back on this picture in a year from now and appreciate the changes that following the ketogenic/pcos diet will have made in me.
You may be wondering why I’m holding a #teamitumbler filled with #lemonwater in this pic, when it’s Fall, and most are drinking pumpkin flavored bulletproof coffee this time of year. β˜• Well, I’ve recently run out of heavy whipping cream and don’t plan on getting any more anytime soon because I’m trying to avoid dairy, and I haven’t discovered anything I like in my coffee to replace it. β˜• (Do you have any suggestions that are sugar free?) β˜• Also, the traditional bulletproof coffee of butter and coconut oil makes me cringe, and making a bulletproof coffee smoothie this morning feels like too much work at the moment, since it’s the beginning of my 3 day weekend, and all I want to do is binge on Netflix right now.


posted on Instagram – https://ift.tt/2CaYy8F

On a lighter note here is a picture of my granddaughter, Chelsey.
She and I are best buds.
Seriously, we can’t get enough of each other.





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