I’ve always had a weight problem. In fac …

I’ve always had a weight problem. In fact, my whole family has had to deal with being fat at one time or another.

One of my memories as a family growing up is when my stepfather called a family meeting, where we all sat down together, and he declared we would all give up pop, candy, and desserts during the week, weigh in every day, and have a treat of ice cream every Sunday evening – just once a week. This routine worked well for me, and I remember recording my lowest weight as a teen of 128 lbs, although I typically hovered around 130-132 lbs on average, after I’d lost the majority of the weight. 📉
I share this because after researching more on the keto diet I discovered there is a keto camp that prescribes to doing cyclical carb ups – which seems very similar to what we used to do so long ago. Instead of doing the ice cream though, like we did when I was young, I’ve decided popcorn – buttery, salty popcorn – will be my guilty pleasure of choice. What do you think? Have you had success doing routine carb ups on your keto journey?

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