Today I start a whole food supplement re …

Today I start a whole food supplement regimen designed to address some issues I’ve been dealing with lately on my weight loss journey. These supplements are designed to heal and support a healthy heart, digestive system, and liver – support I’m not getting from eating food alone.

My commitment to this process of healing through healthy weight loss has me setting everything up on a schedule – a supplement schedule and even a meal plan schedule. In truth, I’ve purchased some meal plans from some of the more popular ketogenic diet promoters; however, I’m learning that living in a small, northwestern Wisconsin resort town that has only one grocery store PLUS the fact that my only mode of transportion is walking or riding my bike to said grocery store prevents me from following any scripted keto meal plan to a T. So I’ve decided to design my own plan using the resources I have available. πŸ’ŠπŸ’ŠπŸ’Š
As you can see by the pic I have all my supplements arranged in a handy dandy pill box that makes it so much more convenient than opening and closing multiple bottles 3x a day. This, along with autoship of my keto friendly foods and supplements, is going to set me up for greater opportunity for success. And I look forward to sharing my progress with you all. Stay tuned!

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