I’ve heard it’s prudent to give whole fo …

I’ve heard it’s prudent to give whole food supplements 30 days to feel the effects of their healing powers, but my personal experience has been that it typically doesn’t take that long, so I’m really looking forward to the positive changes I can expect going forward. πŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆ

On that same front though, the challenges I’ve faced in the past are not issues of efficacy, but my own lack of self discipline to consistently continue using the product(s) that helped me get well.
You see, for some reason I’ve subconsciously thought once I started to feel well – at peak health, in fact – I could stop supplementing and go back to my old ways of eating. (I’m dense that way.)
Not this time though. This time I’ve done everything I can to set myself up for success, namely, strategic supplements, a pill box, and autoship. Now, all I have to do is continue to budget wisely to make it all possible.
Thankfully, I have social media to share my story, track my progress, and help me stay accountable. I am so grateful to live in this day and age, where I can do this, AND I look forward to an even brighter future. 😊😊😊

posted on Instagram – https://ift.tt/2D0gnYD


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