She’s my oldest – my miracle baby. The o …

She’s my oldest – my miracle baby. The one who taught me how to love selflessly. The one I would give my life for. The one I chose to keep when the nurse offered the option to terminate when she saw my downtrodden face after announcing I was pregnant for the first time. She’s the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of children’s books. The one who could recite all the nursery rhymes, cite the ABC’s and count to ten by the age of two. The one I wanted to homeschool before homeschooling was cool. The one I had to walk away from because I knew her father could give her a better life financially. The one who continually keeps forgiving me and letting me into her life. The one who, if she smiles at you, you know you’ve got a life. She’s my daughter, @jasmyn88, and she was willing to stop over this morning on her way to her fifth and sixth Christmas parties this holiday season, even though her kids woke her up at 4:00am, so I could give her an ug chug mug. ☕☕☕☕

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